Exhibition Event | Direct Attack on Qingdao Xinsheng (Beijing CISile Exhibition)


2023-05-29 13:26

On May 12, 2023, the three-day 20th International Scientific Instrument and Laboratory Equipment Exhibition in Beijing came to a successful conclusion at the International Conference Center. Next, follow the lens of the editor to witness the grand occasion of our exhibition.

The busy figure of Xinsheng partners and the continuous sound of consultation

It is undoubtedly a unique scenery with its own focus at this exhibition

Qingdao Xinsheng made its debut at the exhibition

Gained such a high level of popularity

It fully demonstrates the high recognition of Qingdao Xinsheng products by industry insiders

The exhibition ended successfully

Thank you to everyone who worked hard for this exhibition

Thank you for your support

A short separation, only to meet better

See you in Shanghai


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