Summary of actual measurements of Qingdao Xinsheng flowmeter products


2023-06-19 10:51

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Focus on gas mass flow meters and gas mass flow controllers


Qingdao Xinsheng Micro-Nano Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has complete design, manufacturing, packaging and testing technology in terms of gas mass flow meter technology.

Taking the S300 series flow controller as an example, its characteristics are as follows:

Stable flow control technology:


The gas flow control is based on the flow sensor and proportional valve under the action of the PID control algorithm, which generally has a dynamic adjustment function, which can be dynamically adjusted according to the working conditions, so as to achieve fast flow switching and stable flow output. The following figure shows the maximum flow point stability comparison of the 10L flow controller, taking the 10SLM flow point as an example, this product fluctuates ± 8sccm, and the three competing products are ± 13sccm, ± 116sccm, and ± 19.5sccm. (The data is recorded by the third-party MFM, and the yellow line is our product)

Figure 1.2 Comparison of fluctuations of three 10L flow controllers at full scale

Research on temperature compensation technology:


Temperature compensation, a large temperature change will have a slight impact on the sensor sensitivity, circuit system, gas structure and other key components, usually in the range of 0-50 °C to about 3% to the reading error (without temperature compensation), as shown in the figure below. The company's flowmeter adopts the full-scale temperature method to accurately compensate for temperature, which is used to ensure that the temperature drift error within the full-scale range is controlled within 1%.

Figure 1.3 Test data of temperature compensation effect under MFC-E10 L flow rate

Flowmeter Pressure Loss Study:


Pressure loss is one of the key indicators of the flowmeter, and it is the lowest pressure difference to ensure the normal operation of the flowmeter. The pressure loss of the flowmeter generally increases with the increase of the flow rate, and at the same time, the pressure loss of the on-chip thermal flowmeter is much smaller than that of the vortex flowmeter and the differential pressure flowmeter.


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