MFC-UT series calibration application field - chromatograph


2023-07-03 14:49

MFC—UT series calibration application field—chromatograph

Analytical instruments, such as gas chromatographs, must be calibrated regularly to accurately determine the chemical composition of compounds. During calibration, the measured values of the gas chromatograph are compared with a calibration standard with known accuracy, and the values of the device are adjusted accordingly. For gas chromatographs, such standards are gas mixtures with accurately known compositions.

Gas chromatograph operators have 2 ways to generate gas mixtures:

1. Buy cylinders with pre-mixed gases

2. Configure your own gas mixture


Application Requirements

Customers are looking for low-cost gas mass flow controllers with a wide range of flow rates to create gas mixtures with Modbus protocol communication options. The preparation method of the calibration gas mixture must comply with the ISO 6145-7 standard.


Important Topics

1. Improved accuracy

2. Flexibility


Process scheme



This application can use the UT series of gas mass flow controllers from Qingdao Xinsheng Micro-Nano Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. It is characterized by small size and lightness. Up to 12 cylinders are connected to an equal volume of mass flow controllers. A precisely controlled flow of air enters the mixing chamber, which then feeds the mixture into a gas chromatograph for calibration.

The ISO 6145-7:2009 standard describes a procedure for the preparation of calibration gas mixtures using commercial thermal-mass flow controllers. The accuracy of the final gas composition leaving the gas mixture is calculated by a dedicated software that takes into account the uncertainty of the gas flow rate (due to the mass flow controller) as well as the uncertainty of the gas composition of the initial cylinder.

On-site preparation of gas mixtures offers several advantages over purchasing cylinders with pre-mixed gas mixtures. For example, premixed gas mixtures have a limited service life. The cost of such pre-mixed gas mixtures is quite high, and the user is not sure if the concentration of the gas is still good, or if the mixture is still homogeneous.

As a result, it may be possible to prepare gas mixtures with very low concentrations of specific compounds on their own. Operators don't have to invest in gas mixtures, giving them the flexibility and freedom to calibrate the analyzer in their own time.


  The reason why the customer chose Qingdao Xinsheng gas flow controller equipment: the whole "solution" has the right purchase price, higher accuracy and flexibility, integrated Modbus protocol and professional pre-sales and after-sales service.



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Compact Air Mass Flow Controller — UT

UT series products adopt the company's new integrated design concept, while maintaining high precision and high stability, its size and weight are compressed to 1/6 and 1/5 of the current conventional products respectively, which can be used for mass spectrometers, spectrometers, gas chromatographs, gas distribution meters and other high-end instruments and equipment.


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