Qingdao Xinsheng launches multiple gas mass flow meters and controllers


2022-03-07 10:16

Qingdao Xinsheng has recently launched a variety of gas mass flow meters and mass flow controller products, successfully opening up the core technology of the whole chain from MEMS chips to flow detection instruments and algorithms, and has become one of the few high-tech enterprises in Qingdao that have mastered the core chip technology of MEMS.

According to MEMS Consulting, Qingdao Xinsheng Micro-Nano Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (Chinese abbreviation: Qingdao Xinsheng, English abbreviation: Xinnovis) focuses on the research and development and production of microgas flow measurement and control products. Recently, Qingdao Xinsheng has developed a next-generation high-performance gas mass flow meter product with industrial-grade MEMS flow sensor solutions, mainly for analytical instruments, laboratories, hydrogen energy, vacuum coating and other application markets.

Fig.1. Qingdao Xinsheng S500 series gas mass flow controller (left) and MFM-50 series gas mass flow meter (right)

With the country's attention and support for domestic instruments and semiconductor equipment, the domestic analytical instrument industry and semiconductor equipment industry have achieved rapid development. As the core component of analytical instruments and semiconductor equipment, gas mass flow meters/controllers are still mainly imported, and there is an urgent need for domestic substitution. Different from the traditional volumetric flowmeter based on the principle of differential pressure and vortex street, the MEMS gas mass flow meter is based on the principle of heat conduction to measure the gas mass flow with high accuracy, and this type of product is not affected by environmental parameters such as temperature and pressure, and has become the most widely used high-precision micro gas flow measurement and control technology in the world.

Qingdao Xinsheng MFM-50 series gas mass flow meter, using aviation-grade aluminum alloy base and Exia IIC T4 Ga intrinsically safe explosion-proof design, has the advantages of high accuracy (minimum 0.5%), wide range ratio (500:1), fast response speed (fastest 15ms), low temperature drift (0.01% F.S./°C), high cost performance, integrated integration, etc., suitable for laboratory safety gas transformation, hydrogen energy, biopharmaceutical, brazing and other industries.

Qingdao Xinsheng S500 series gas mass flow controller, with a unique gas flow channel design, can achieve flexible shunt ratio configuration, the range covers 1sccm~120slm, the minimum control accuracy is 0.1sccm, and the drift in the temperature range of 0~50°C is only 0.4~0.6%. In terms of electrical signals, it provides a variety of digital and analog control methods, and is equipped with industrial-grade display screens, which is convenient for customers to debug and configure on site.

Qingdao Xinsheng WIN M/S series miniature digital anemometer is the first product in China, which adopts an economical and compact packaging method to measure temperature and wind speed simultaneously in a package volume of 8.5mm x 6mm x 3.3mm. The product can be integrated into air conditioners, fresh air systems, explosion-proof cabinets, fume hoods and other equipment to achieve a maximum wind speed measurement of 25m/s and a high resolution of 0.02m/s.

"Although the company was only established in 2020, we have been conducting pre-research and development on MEMS flow sensor chips for more than eight years." Dr. Tao Jifang, founder of Qingdao Xinsheng, said, "At present, the company has gradually entered the fast lane of development, and its products have been recognized by a large number of customers after being put into the market, including a number of large listed companies. In the future, the company will continue to increase investment, and also focus more on the subdivision of micro gas flow measurement and control, aiming to become a core component supplier in the fields of semiconductors and gas analyzers. "

About Qingdao Xinsheng

Qingdao Xinsheng is located in Laoshan District, Qingdao City, adjacent to Qingdao Campus of Shandong University, Qingdao Institute of Microelectronics of Beihang University, Qingdao Institute of Energy of Chinese Academy of Sciences and other research institutions, is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development of high-end gas flow sensors and flow measurement and control instruments, the core members of the company's team from Singapore, Belgium, Chinese Academy of Sciences and other internationally renowned MEMS research institutions.

After two years of hard work, the company has developed a number of products such as micro digital anemometer, gas mass flow meter and mass flow controller, all of which have entered the mass production stage. The company will continue to focus on the field of micro gas flow measurement and control, create world-class gas mass flow meters and controller products, and strive to provide customers with high-quality products and professional services, and jointly promote the development of domestic analytical instruments and semiconductor equipment.


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