Gas Mass Flow Meter

MFM (Mass Flow Meter) can measure gas flow meter with high accuracy and the measuring value will not be inaccurate due to changes of temperature or pressure, which no need of compensation of temperature or pressure. Gas quality flow unit are sccm(Standard CubicCentimeter per Minute) and slm(Standard Liter per Minute).

Gas Mass Flow Meter

⊙ Performance advantages


Explosion-proof certification

Full scale output

Good stability and high precision

Turndown ratio

Better than 100:1

Response time

Default 0.5s 



Bring your own

Temperature Compensation and Pressure Compensation

Instantaneous flow and cumulative flow switching

key switch


High integration, small size

⊙ Product series


MFM Mass Flow Meter Explosion-proof

MFM-500 series mass flow meter are specially designed for high accuracy measurement of gas flow rate which adopts advanced industrial flow sensor chip and aero aluminum flow channel. Combined with Xinnovis calibration and compensation calculation method, MFM-500 can realize high precision measurement of clean, dry and non-corrosive gas. The accuracy is 1.5 % at or less than 200 SLPM and 1.5 % above 200 SLPM and turndown ratio is better than 100: 1. The flow range of this series is from 0.2SCCM to 8 0 0 SLM (other flow ranges are available for customized consultation). With large LCD display, digital and analog output, MFM-500 can be applied in indoor and remote test. The products are low cost, easy to install and no need of additional thermal and pressure compensation.

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