Laboratory gas meter measurement

Engineering support: In laboratory gas engineering, a system with high safety and the ability to achieve centralized distribution of gas supply is completed from the gas source to the instrument The gas supply of the device needs to be matched with a gas mass flow meter or gas mass flow controller.

Gas distribution module in the production process of Low-E coated glass

Offline production of Low-E glass is currently commonly achieved through vacuum magnetron sputtering coating technology internationally. In a vertical production process, glass is placed vertically on a rack and sent into a vacuum environment of 10-1 pascals. An appropriate amount of process gas (inert gas Ar or reaction gas O2, N2) is introduced while maintaining a stable vacuum degree. The introduction of process gas requires a gas mass flow controller for precise measurement and control.

Equipment Gas Distribution Module in the Application Process of Magnetron Sputtering Coating

Magnetron sputtering is a type of physical vapor deposition (PVD). The general sputtering method can be used to prepare multiple materials such as metals, semiconductors, and insulators, and has the advantages of simple equipment, easy control, large coating area, and strong adhesion. The Qingdao Xinsheng S500 series gas mass flow controller can be widely used in the vacuum coating industry. The product has a unique gas flow channel design, which can achieve flexible split ratio configuration, gas type switching and full range switching functions. The minimum control accuracy is 0.1sccm, and it is equipped with an industrial grade display screen, making it convenient for customers to debug and configure on site.

Oxygen furnace, diffusion furnace, LPCVD equipment gas distribution module

Thermal oxidation furnaces and diffusion furnaces are used for diffusion, oxidation, annealing, alloying, and sintering processes in industries such as large-scale integrated circuits, discrete devices, power electronics, optoelectronic devices, and optical fibers.

Single crystal furnace and crystal furnace equipment gas distribution module

A single crystal furnace is an equipment that uses a graphite heater to melt polycrystalline materials such as silicon in an inert gas environment (mainly nitrogen and argon), and grows dislocated single crystals using the Czochralski method.

Calibration of atmospheric sampler flow rate

The atmospheric sampler is used to collect atmospheric pollutants or polluted air, and its sampling accuracy (flow rate) will affect the subsequent gas quality analysis results, requiring regular calibration by a third-party maintenance organization of the air station.

Dynamic gas calibrator

Dynamic gas calibrator is a high-precision dynamic mixed gas analyzer used to generate standard gases of different concentrations for calibrating various gas analyzers.

Portable mass spectrometer, chromatograph, and gas chromatograph

Portable mass spectrometers, chromatographs, and gas meters are compact and lightweight, and can be used for on-site calibration and calibration of air systems, as well as for locating and analyzing pollution sources.

Air quality monitoring analyzer

The air quality monitoring series analyzers (CO/O/SO, etc.) generally use ultraviolet, infrared absorption or fluorescence methods to detect the injected gas in real-time. The accuracy of controlling the flow rate and pressure of the sampled gas will affect the analysis results.

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